Under Spanish law, there used to be an exceptionally long limitation period within which actions for breach of contract could be brought (15 years after the date the breach occurred).

From October this year, the limitation period for actions for breach of contract has been reduced to 5 years (Law 42/2015 modifying Law 1/2000 of Civil Procedure Code).

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On 1 January 2015, changes to the Spanish Inheritance and Gift Tax Law 29/1987 (IGTL) came into force eliminating the discriminatory IGT tax treatment of non-residents in Spain, thus bringing the Spanish IGTL into line with European law following the judgment of the European Court of Justice of 3 September 2014.

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A consent order issued by an English court ordering the division of property upon divorce may be enforced in, depending on the land registry (not all apply the same procedure) and on the terms of the consent order.

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Entrepreneurs Support & Internationalisation Law (14/2013)

This law aims to attract foreign investment into Spain and came into force on 29 September 2013.

It provides for residence permits and visas to be granted to foreign nationals who acquire real estate in Spain valued at Euro 500,000 or more (the property must not be subject to a mortgage or injunction).

The foreign investor's wife and children can be granted residence in Spain as well as the foreign investor. 

The residence permit has a duration of 2 years and is renewable for further periods of 2 years provided the investment is maintained (it appears that first, a 1 year residence visa must be obtained during which time the application for the new residence visa can be made).

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