Private client lawyers in Spain

We provide a full range of private client services

Our clients

Our clients are all kinds of private individuals with the interests in Spain:

  • owner/directors of family businesses
  • ex-patriot employees of multinational corporations
  • entrepreneurs
  • private individuals 
  • property owners


We help you with all your personal, family and business affairs in Spain.

Our priority, like yours, is to safeguard you and your family. We protect your interests in Spain.

We advise and assist you with buying or selling property in Spain, getting divorced or separated, optimising your personal tax position, making a Spanish will, reducing inheritance tax liability and protecting assets for future generations, as well as with disputes in respect of inheritances, trusts or property.

Owing to the close professional relationship with our clients and the frequently inter-linking of their business interests and personal affairs, we provide a full range of private client services.