Specialist in Spanish inheritance law

Legal and practical advice on Spanish Inheritance.

Estate planning and inheritance

We understand the different probate procedures and succession laws in Spain and the UK.

We help you plan your succession so as to procure the efficient transmission of your assets to your heirs in both jurisdictions, with the minimum of inconvenience, and paying the minimum amount of inheritance tax.  

We help you arrange your assets in Spain so that they benefit the people you wish to benefit and minimise tax liability.

We advise on the succession to your Spanish assets taking into consideration Spanish inheritance and gift tax, and avoiding or minimising double taxation in Spain and the country in which you or your heirs reside.

Scudamore assists you to protect your assets in situations such as divorce or bankruptcy.

We advise on the implications under Spanish law of setting up a trust under which beneficiaries can benefit from assets without being given rights to capital or property (eg,in the case of minor children, lack of mental capacity or profligate heirs).

Whether you are non resident with a holiday home in Spain, or are intending to live or retire to Spain, we help you optimise your personal and inheritance tax position, and help you ensure that your tax planning arrangements using trusts or corporte structures are tax efficient and compatible in Spain.