Tax advice in Spain

We provide essential national and international tax advice.

Tax Advice and Tax Planning

Tax mistakes are frequently costly and amongst those we are most likely to regret not having foreseen. You should ensure you get your tax affairs right from the start.

We advise clients wishing to live and work, or retire to Spain, or who own property in Spain

We advise non resident clients wishing to live and work, or retire to Spain on income tax, capital gain, wealth and inheritance taxes, and the avoidance of double taxation in different countries.

Once you become resident in Spain, you are taxed on your worldwide income (earned and unearned), capital gains from all sources and on your worldwide assets. We:

  • Help you arrange your financial affairs before you become tax resident in Spain
  • Adapt tax planning arrangements involving tusts and property holding companies to take into account taxation in Spain.
  • Advise on ownership of property in your own name or though a company
  • Counsel non residents on Spanish tax issues and tax mitigation schemes.
    • Spanish sourced income and capital gains tax and avoidance of double taxation
    • wealth tax
    • inheritance tax planning and lifetime gifts   
    • property taxes on ownership and transfer of title
    • tax treatment of trusts
    • tax consequences of division of matrimonial assets on divorce or separation