Spanish residential and commercial property lawyers

We assist you to understand the legal issues involved so you can take decisions.

Property & Real Estate Law

Whether you are investing, developing or refurbishing real estate in Spain, we assist you to understand the legal issues involved so you can take commercial decisions.

The firm provides support to foreign investors at all stages of their investment, from the original purchase, through the management of the assets and up to the final sale/disinvestment.

Investment in commercial real estate in Spain presents opportunities but also risks.

We advise and represent investment funds, corporate investors and private individuals purchasing individual property units or portfolios of properties from banks, private sellers or public sector housing.

We advise owners, occupiers, institutional investors, property managers and developers on a wide range of matters relating to office, retail, hotel, industrial and other commercial properties. 

We tailor our services to the needs of the individual client. These include:

  • structuring the investment and subsequent repatriation of income and capital, including legal and tax advice on on- and off-shore vehicles, Spanish property and domestic tax law and double taxations treaty provisions
  • implementation of structures, setting up companies or other suitable vehicles, in Spain and elsewhere, or acquiring the shares or assets of real estate property holding companies 
  • assistance with the purchase of individual property units or portfolios of properties.

We have extensive experience in a wide range of property transactions:

  • purchase, sale and development of individual residential properties, apartment buildings, commercial premises, offices and retail shopping centres 
  • contract negotiations, drafting purchase-sale contracts, options for purchase, contracts with intermediaries, property management contracts, leases and tenancy agreements
  • in the case of unfinished properties, obtaining necessary administrative licences and permissions for legal ‘completion’ of off-plan property and its occupation and re-sale
  • property development and building works
  • property rental and commercial leases, including related debt recovery and eviction proceedings.
  • condominium and community of owner issues
  • legal and tax compliance aspects of the property ownership in Spain
  • property companies: company secretarial functions, periodic and annual filings, employment obligations, management of the rental business in Spain
  • Spanish taxation of property transmission and ownership.

Buying property in Spain

We assist you:

  • legal assistance to clients buying ‘off-plan’ and second-hand properties from developers and private individualss
  • property searches
  • planning checks
  • negotiations with sellers, intermediaries and banks, preparation of contractual documentation.
  • completion before the notary
  • all matters necessary to register your title to the property in the land register
  • contracts with intermediaries, property management contracts, leases and tenancies, condominium law
  • spanish taxation in relation to the acquisition and ownership of property in Spain
  • cistressed or unfinished properties, obtaining the administrative licences and permissions needed, so as to allow the connection of necessary utility supplies and other administrative requirements.
  • purchase of plots for building your own home, obtaining planning permission, refurbishments and building works
  • obtaining residence visas for non-EU investors and their familie
  • letting of properties under rental agreements

Selling property in Spain

We assist you:

  • negotiations
  • the preparation of documentation required for the sale
  • deal with any outstanding mortgage on the property
  • answer the purchaser’s enquiries
  • the preparation of the deed of sale
  • taxation, we can ensure that the tax you pay is kept to a mínimum and apply on your behalf for a refund of any withholding tax deducted from the price by the buyer and paid to the tax authorities.